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Strategic Partnership

Unlocking Value Across Multiple Industries

Real estate is a capital-intensive business, while logistics is space-intensive. There is a mutual dependence between these industries that, when combined efficiently, can unlock massive growth for each party involved. Our strategic partnerships across logistics and cold storage allow us to deliver outsized returns for our investors while substantially lowering down-sized risk. 

Our Strategic Partner: CTW Logistics

CTW Logistics and BridgeCap Partners are working together to build a presence in the logistics industry through strategic acquisitions. Founded in 1897, CTW is a nationwide 3PL (third-party logistics) provider who deploys a variety of sophisticated and flexible logistics solutions to support their warehouse, transport, transload, repack, fulfillment, and food-grade storage operations. Through its partnership with BridgeCap Partners, CTW continues to grow its footprint in the food-grade storage and distribution industry nationwide.

During the acquisition or development process, CTW lends logistics expertise to optimize the asset's productivity and potentially become a tenant of the property. Together, BridgeCap Partners and CTW Logistics work to increase the operational and financial performance of the asset. 

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